The benefits of digital solutions for nuclear


Nuclear build projects have some key differences from traditional construction projects. You could try and perfect the design of a nuclear power plant before you start construction but given how long these construction projects take, some aspects of a design can change before you get to the stage where operations can begin. Construction of a [...]

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Next Generation Nuclear


Nuclear Consulting is excited to announce the launch of Next Generation Nuclear, a collaboration between Nuclear Consulting, Castletown Law and AGIAS Advisory. NGN will provide advisory and technical services in support of the deployment of small and advanced nuclear reactors throughout the world. Combining the expertise of each of the three collaborating companies, NGN will [...]

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When is a Small Modular Reactor neither small nor modular?


Small modular reactors (SMRs) might be the future for nuclear power and right now there are a lot of designs under consideration. In fact the latest IAEA SMR Booklet lists more than 70 mooted SMR models at various stages of design, with just one in commercial operation. There is little commonality among the designs in [...]

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Nuclear Consulting Supports World Nuclear Energy Day


Nuclear Consulting is delighted to partner World Nuclear Energy Day on 2nd December 2021. World Nuclear Energy Day aims to raise awareness of the many positive contributions that nuclear energy systems make to our society. World Nuclear Energy Day celebrates the people that design, build, operate and support the broad range of technologies from large [...]

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Small Modular Reactors and Regulatory Imperatives


A recent paper published by our collaborators at Castletown Law provides a detailed examination of the regulatory reform that will be needed to enable Gen III+ and Gen IV small reactors, modular or otherwise, to be deployed across the world in pursuit of global decarbonisation. As the only proven technology capable of generating reliable, baseload [...]

Small Modular Reactors and Regulatory Imperatives2021-10-13T07:23:15+01:00

Nuclear Consulting Supports Sizewell C


Nuclear Consulting is proud to be a member of the Sizewell C Consortium. The consortium consists of more than 200 leading companies from the nuclear industry throughout the UK and represents a huge body of knowledge and skills, many of which have been hard-won through the challenges of building Hinkley Point C. Nuclear Consulting has [...]

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