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There are different ways of working with NCL, each of which offers a different model of commitment, assignment and reward.

Our core staff team manages the company while our associates form the bulk of our senior professionals and tend to be very experienced in their own fields with extensive knowledge and skills to offer to our clients. Associates not only work on project assignments for NCL but identify new project opportunities and lead business development. This means we are a truly associate-led business.

Our sub-consultants are people who would prefer to work on a more traditional employer/employee relationship and will be engaged for the duration of a project under a contract similar to that of an employee of the business except that they are free to work for other clients between assignments and even to have more than one client simultaneously.

Irrespective of the type of arrangement we have with our people we recognise that they are the essence of our business and we prize their trust and loyalty above all else. We commit to treating everyone equally and to operating in an open and transparent way with respect to how the business is run.

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know about what you have to offer by uploading your CV using our simple registration form.