Our knowledge of nuclear commissioning extends across the power generation, defence, decommissioning and waste management sectors with experience of all stages of the lifecycle. Our focus always remains on assuring nuclear safety but with a pragmatic edge to ensure value for money and effective use of project resources. Before taking any steps towards designing system, processes or working practices for commissioning a nuclear project, we will understand the risks ad consequences of the plant in question and use this critical knowledge to inform our approach to the project.

Our commissioning services can include:

  • Building commissioning management systems and processes in compliance with IAEA guidance and regulatory requirements
  • Managing regulatory expectations and establishing compliance requirements for Licence Condition 21: Commissioning
  • Establishing best practice from worldwide nuclear commissioning projects to build a database of learning
  • Using our extensive knowledge of UK custom and practice to establish a ‘UK context’ for commissioning
  • Designing requirement-led commissioning processes to assure a ‘golden thread’ from requirements to plant-level testing
  • Establishing an explicit link between safety case requirements and commissioning activities to support design substantiation
  • Defining requirements for a commissioning safety case and providing safety case authoring in support of justifying the safe conduct of commissioning
  • Writing technical documentation for commissioning including commissioning test documentation

In a naturally conservative industry it is easy to allow an unnecessarily conservative approach to be taken to commissioning. We specialise in engaging with stakeholders including regulators and requirements owners to build a commissioning approach that is safe and robust but also fit for purpose in a commercially driven environment.