NCL offers experienced nuclear professionals of all levels to undertake design assignments, either as part of your team or as an independent design team with a set of objectives. Our people can range from early-career engineers to veterans with decades of experience. We relish a working environment with challenging safety, quality and time constraints to give our people a chance to shine. We can bring any engineering discipline to the table including specialists in:

  • Mechanical systems and rotating machinery
  • Process systems including chemical and liquid waste processing plant
  • Grouting, encapsulation and waste handling systems
  • Electrical systems, swithgear and cabling
  • Computerised and distributed control systems
  • Shutdown and emergency control systems
  • Safety controls, including computerised safety systems
  • Conventional and nuclear instrumentation
  • Engineering designs for high-dose environments
  • Building services and HVAC for nuclear and non-nuclear facilities

Design in the nuclear industry is often evolutionary by necessity and therefore based on years, if not decades, of collective experience. This is not to say that step changes in the design process and challenges to the accepted norm don’t have a place in modern nuclear engineering. NCL’s engineering design teams specialise in taking a step back to help clients choose the best path to follow with their design. This independent objectivity often yields far-reaching benefits in value engineering as the rationalisation and simplification of design work brings benefits to manufacturing, construction and commissioning.