Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Although no project is undertaken with the expectation of a dispute arising it is an unfortunate likelihood that major projects will incur differences of opinion at some point during the lifecycle. The ultimate arbiter of any dispute would be in a court setting which incurs significant cost, loss of goodwill and ultimately could prevent a project reaching a successful outcome. It is in all parties’ interests to identify disputes and resolve these at the earliest opportunity. NCL can provide experts in many fields to acts in a variety of capacities during the dispute process:

  • Advisors to either party in a dispute
  • Technical experts to give an independent view on differences of opinion relating to design and engineering points
  • Assessors to undertake an objective review of work carried out and provide an unbiased opinion
  • Independent dispute mediators to assist both parties in reaching a settlement
  • Arbitrators to make binding contractual decisions
  • Independent committee and panel chairs to give compelling advice to senior decision makers
  • Expert witnesses to support legal action