Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

Whether taking the first steps to applying for a nuclear site licence or maintaining compliance with licence conditions in a complex and fast-moving project environment, NCL can provide experienced experts with a deep understanding of the international and national expectations of a nuclear site licensee. We also have a track record of identifying potential gaps in statutory compliance with conventional safety obligations and preparing action plans to recover compliance.

Our team of associates has worked with the UK regulators over a number of years and can build on both personal experience and a wide network of industry experts to understand deeply nuanced matters of regulatory expectations.

While every nuclear project has very different needs for licensing support, a brief overview of the type of support provided by NCL’s project teams includes:

  • Preparing licence condition and statutory compliance frameworks
  • Preparing documents providing justification or substantiation
  • Carrying out safety analyses and assessments
  • Engaging with regulators and leading collaborative discussions to understand regulatory expectations
  • Chairing and facilitating regulatory interactions
  • Advising and representing licensee organisations when making regulatory submissions
  • Acting as independent experts in advisory or executive roles
  • Charing independent and semi-independent committees and panels
  • Offering independent challenge, audit, oversight and assurance