Organisational Capability Development

Building a capable project team needs more than simply recruiting good people and providing a task description. Before building an organisation, NCL appreciates that the unique aspects of the project should be considered and a bespoke organisational capability design will be needed. Organisational capability will blend an appreciation of resources needed with a competence-led training programme and measures to imbue a strong safety and quality culture. The ultimate goal is to understand what capability is needed at each point of the project and to clearly define how this will be achieved.

To achieve a capable organisational model for the client, NCL can offer a number of services:

  • Resourcing analysis to determine a resource profile
  • Capability assessment against the needs of each of the project phases
  • Resource pipeline design to determine how different type of resource needs can be met
  • Organisational design demonstrating how the organisation will develop through the project to deliver the capabilities identified
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis of the current future organisation
  • Identification of Nuclear Baseline roles and the competencies required to support these
  • Competency-led training needs analysis to define a training portfolio
  • Specific or generic role descriptions for recruitment purposes
  • CV review and candidate shortlisting
  • Undertaking or supporting interviews and providing an objective assessment of each candidate’s merits

Existing teams often need to adapt and grow as a project progresses which can sometimes be a disruptive exercise causing a distraction from the primary goals of delivering a successful project. NCL can assist in developing your team by identifying collective and individual development goals then offering both individual and team development plans to meet these goals. We can also provide mentoring and coaching to team members at all stages of their careers.