Peer Review

Peer review is a powerful tool that is used throughout the nuclear industry to provide confidence in the quality or accuracy of work that had been undertaken. This can often be part of the independent review and assurance process prior to progressing to the next stage of a process or starting an activity that carries a specific set of risks.
An independent view is also used to assess the value of work undertaken as part of an evaluation during the dispute resolution process, contract determination or company sale. Sometimes the value of a peer review is simply the comfort of having a second opinion from an experienced credible professional.
Peer review and independent evaluation is an integral part of the process to ensure quality and technical accuracy of documents and other information.
NCL can provide independent people of all disciplines and backgrounds to undertake:

  • Review of technical documentation to ensure accuracy
  • Technical checking of engineering work
  • Independent review of information important to safety
  • Peer review of engineering and contractual documentation to provide quality or technical assurance checks prior to issue
  • Checking of contractors’ submissions for quality and technical accuracy
  • Assistance to small project teams in self-checking the work produced prior to implementation
  • Peer review, oversight and challenge panels
  • Evaluation of technical and project work against contractual specifications